European Society for Intravenous Anaesthesia

Welcome to EuroSIVA

Since the foundation in 1998, the aim of EuroSIVA has been to promote the understanding of intravenous pharmacology and its application to clinicians and other health care providers. We are devoted and passionate about teaching, education and research. EuroSIVA provides practical knowledge derived form translational science and applied pharmacology to inform best practice for delivering TIVA in a safe and effective way.

The world of intravenous anaesthesia has emerged over the last 25 years and, more than ever, clinicians, nurse practitioners and device manufacturers require reliable and unbiased information to perform and develop. The focus on environmental aspects of anaesthesia has increased and renewed the global interest in TIVA.

But there still remain some unresolved challenges around the practice of target-controlled infusion (TCI), the assessment of new drugs and models as well as the most appropriate way to monitor and quantify those. EuroSIVA provides a platform for critical appraisal and civilised dispute.

EuroSIVA continues to be committed to high standards of education and has adopted innovative ways of teaching such as hybrid meetings and eLearning modules.

This website is designed to be a focal point to our activity and we welcome your feedback.

Stefan Schraag Chairman