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Tivatrainer is a pharmacokinetic simulation program capable of simulating the bloodconcentration of any drug with pharmacokinetics that can be described by an open 2 or 3 compartment model.
Most of the Intravenous anesthetic drugs are available in the local database. In addition there is the possibility to connect and download data from a central internet based drug list that contains the latest developments of pharmacokinetics for special patient groups like pediatrics or the obese.
Tivatrainer has been used all over the world for explaining pharmacokinetic concepts. It can simulate bolusses and infusions or Target Controlled Infusion(TCI). It can even produce a manual infusion scheme to obtain a specific concentration. Context sensitive decrementimes can be calculated and displayed from any form of drug input. All the simulations can be set to either target the bloodconcentration or the effectsite concentration. Tivatrainer was the first program capable of simulating and showing the interaction between opioids and propofol.
In the mean while, more than 140 references of researchers who have used Tivatrainer for their scientific work can be found.
When the pharmacokinetic parameters in a simulation are changed the resulting concentrations are instantanously updated, so the effect of for example decreasing the clearance can be studied in a specific case.
Because of its flexibility it has even found its way in lawsuit cases to calculate and explain expected bloodconcentrations after mishaps with drug dosing inside or ouside the the OR. With it, reviewers check drugdoses used in submitted manuscripts and last but not least it has been used for interactive training in many, many workshops from the Eurosiva and other organisations.

Tivatrainer is shareware, you can use it free twenty times with some limitations, enough for a presentation or small project and then forget about it untill your next computer or you can obtain a full licence and register it on two computers temporary for 49 Euro if you need it more frequently.

Please do not use 'cracked' versions or non official acquired keys. Although you and the hacker may think that copy protection is removed, fidling around with the software will randomly make simulations completely unreliable: hackers do understand software but not pharmacokinetics.