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Tivatrainer 9 installation can be downloaded as executable(TTsetup9.exe) or zip (TTsetup9.zip) file if your internet connection blocks downloads of exe files. Tivatrainer can be installed on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows7. On Windows 7 64 bit the setup procedure will set the compatibility to Windows XP service pack 2. If this causes a problem read the readme64.pdf.
You can also run Tivatrainer on a Mac computer provided that you have installed Vmware fusion or Parallells. Download and install Tivatrainer and if it is usefull register it. Registration can be done inside Tivatrainer provided the computer is connected to the internet.


NEW: the latest release of Tivatrainer (Tivatrainer9 built 5 available since May 7 2014) is now able to run the 'General Purpose Model' derived from the openTCI initiative. ('A general Purpose Pharmacokinetic Model for Propofol' Douglas J.Eleveld et all Anesthesia&Analgesia Volume 118 2014) You can upgrade your Tivatrainer version by dowloading the setup file above and install this TTsetup9 OVER the existing version by not removing any files and using the same directory as the installed verion or you can download the tivatrainer.exe HERE(or as zip) and replace the old TIVAtrainer.exe It is advisable to first rename the old Tivatrainer.exe so you will have an option to undo the process. The drugsfile holding the new data can be downloaded HERE(or as zip). You can also download this openTCI dataset separately from the internet database using Tivatrainer self.(menus: <edit drug library> <import from internet>)Please note that older versions of Tivatrainer will not be able to handle the complex parameterisation of this new model and will fail to load it.

If you have an activated implementation of Tivatrainer version 8 running then you can install Tivatrainer version 9 OVER Tivatrainr 8. Do not uninstall Tivatrainer 8 or remove files from its directory. You cannot upgrade from earlier versions of Tivatrainer.