Stefan Schraag, chairman

Stefan Schraag, chairman

It is with great pleasure to invite you to the third EuroSIVA postgraduate training course on intravenous pharmacology, affiliated to an academic institution.

This affordable yet high quality course will be again hosted and organized in Porto (Portugal) on the 22nd-23rd June 2016 and held in the Hospital Geral de Santo Antonio. It is open for all specialist doctors,trainees, sedation practioners and others with a special interest in intravenous anaesthesia pharmacology, monitoring and equipment.

To reflect the high standard of the course, there will be a certificate of expertise issued after participating an assessment at the end. The course will cover most recent developments in intravenous pharmacology and monitoring as well a wide range of topics that reflect most of the educational syllabus in European teaching programs. The program will include lectures, practical hands-on sessions and discussions with experts from the international EuroSIVA faculty. You are invited to use your wifi enabled device to ask questions 'on course' and evaluate the sessions.

The beautiful and trendy city of Porto and the wider area of the Douro river valley offer a variety of activities and are a premium tourist destination. Remarkably, this year's Summer School culminates with St John's Eve: St John's night in Porto (Noite de S. João) is considered by several guides as one of the best parties in the world. The smell of grilling peppers and sardines wafts through the warm June air and mixes with exploding fireworks through the night sky above the the Port Wine cellars on the opposite side of the Douro River.
We are looking forward to welcome you in Porto .

Stefan Schraag , Chairman Eurosiva

Francisco Lobo, board member and local organizer

We are very sorry:
Registration is not possible anymore.
No more places left.
Please keep an eye on the website for future Eurosiva courses in Porto or anywhere else.