Drug dilution protocols and database maintenance


One or more persons on the department are eligible to add and change drug records in a central database. Information on the identity of the editor and moment of editing will be available on the printed label. Clients of this database will be notified of changes  provided  they are connected to the internet. A log file will store the information of al the labels that have been printed. This will allow analysis of the use of drugs and may help tracing the cause of any drug dosing error.  Multiple databases per hospital, connected to individual departments are supported. Authorisation of use is handled by appointed administrators.

Get rid of unreadable labels on the syringes in the OR or ICU


Use LabelSyringe© app on your smart Phone (iPhone and Android) to print readable labels with a lot of extra information. Even double authorisation is supported.

If you need the concentration that is custom on your department for this drug with this patient

Your smart Phone will fetch the information from a central database for you. And if things change you will be noticed!

Label that syringe!

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