Gavin Kenny,

Past Chairman Eurosiva

Emeritus Professor of Anaesthesia

Glasgow University

Scotland, UK


Developer  Diprifusor system, Patient Maintained Sedation (among others)

Current Projects: Patient Maintained Sedation, travelling around the world, promoting IV anaesthesia

Recent Publications:

TCI and TIVA: What a Good Idea!(chapter)




Frank Engbers,

Secretary, Web site

Staff member

Leiden University Medical Centre

The Netherlands


Developer Tivatrainer(X), LabelSyringe

Current Projects: Androidification of Tivatrainer, LabelSyringe, Smartphone conference answering system, Report latest children heart mission in Suriname using a combination of dexmedetomidine, remifentanil, propofol for immediate postoperative ectubation in patients with CHD. Modeling Lidocaine and its metabolite.


Recent Publications:

Anomalies in target-controlled infusion: An analysis after 20 years of clinical use

You say pk and I say no way you say keo and I say time to go(Chapter)

Is unconsciousness simply the reverse of consciousness?



Francisco Lobo,




Recent Publications:


Performance of target-controlled infusion of propofol in plasma versus effect-site control during induction in elderly patients



Johan Reader




Alain Borgeat



Nick Sutcliffe




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B-9940 Evergem, Belgium

Tivatrainer is an educational programme, developed to explain pharmacokinetic principles and show the pharmacokinetic properties of IV anesthetics and other drugs. TivatrainerX  is the iphone version

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Dr Frank Engbers


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