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Updated April-9-2014

Drug name[author]  Publication  Comments 
Propofol [Marsh]  Br J Anaesthesia 1991;67:41-48  Original diprifusor implementation
weight related 
Propofol [White/Kenny]  Clin Pharmacokinet 2008; 47 (2): 119-127  Weight, age and gender as covariate 
Propofol [Cortinez]  British Journal of Anaesthesia 105 (4): 448-56 (2010)  for obese patients. Allometrically scaled to weight 
Remifentanil [Minto]  Anesthesiology 1997;86(1):10-23  Covariates: lbm(James);age;weight;length
interaction with Propofol 
Alfentanil [Maitre]  Anesthesiology; 1987;66;3-12  Covariates: age,weight,gender
interaction with propofol 
Fentanyl [Shafer]  Anesthesiology 1990;73:1091-102  Covariate:weight
interaction with Propofol 
Sufentanil [Bovill]  Anesthesiology 1984:61(5):502-6  Covariate:weight
interaction with Propofol 
Midazolam [Zomordi]  Anesthesiology 1998;89:1418-1429  Covariate: weight
Study in ICU sedation 
Propofol [Schnider]  Anesthesiology; 88,5,1998  Covariates: LBM(James), weight,length,gender,age
fixed keo, Time to Peak Effect patient dependent
implemnted in ETCI Fresenius, Braun
Propofol [Schnider(Alaris)]  Anesthesiology; 88,5,1998  Covariates: LBM(James), weight,length,gender,age
fixed Time to Peak Effect,keo patient dependent
implemented in ETCI Alaris, Arcomed 
Propofol [Absalom/Kenny]  Br J Anaesthesia 2005:95(1):110-13  Peadiatric set: Peadfusor.
1-15 yr; >5kg 
Tranexamic acid [Grassin-Delyle]  British Journal of Anaesthesia 111(6);916-24(2013) Covariate: allometric weight
Adults cardiac on pump surgery
Dexmedetomidine [Dyck]  Anesthesiology 78:821-828; 1993  Covariate: length
used for Target Controlled Infusion 
Propofol [Eleveld]  Anesthesia Analgesia 2014 vol 118  General purpose Pk model, Patient
Covariate age, weight, gender.
Unified model for peadiatric, normal adult, elderly and obese (see Road map)
Propofol [Marsh, Thomson]  Pk: Br J Anaesthesia 1991;67:41-48 Anaesthesia
Pd: 2014 vol. 69 (5) pp. 420-428
Covariate: weight
Intermediate keo(0.6/min)